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Farfadets also feature in occitan mythology, particularly in provence, where they are known. farfadets are described as being small ( some half- meter tall), wrinkled, and brown- skinned; they generally wear tattered brown clothing, or go naked. farfadets are creatures of french folklore. farfadet nom masculin ( provençal farfadet, de fadet) démon familier, lutin, esprit follet. suggest new translation/ definition farfadet nm 1 esprit follet, lutin 2 personne frivole et pleine de vivacité french definition dictionary farfadet, s nm follet, lutin, djinn, fantôme, gnome french synonyms dictionary see also: farad, farde, faradmètre, farauder add your entry in the collaborative dictionary.

they like to tend horses, which they will groom, or weave ringlets into their manes. the word translates variously as " sprite", " imp", " brownie", or " leprechaun", though they also resemble the pixies of britain' s west country. farfadets are said to be helpful rather than malicious, though playful and sometimes mischievous. the term is in general use throughout france, though the creature is local particularly to the vendée and poitou regions. démon familier, lutin, esprit follet. farfadets are creatures of french folklore.

synonyme : lutin vous cherchez peut- être farfadet n. farder - fardier - fardoches - faré - farfadet - farfalle - farfelu - farfouillage - farfouiller - farfouilleur - farder - farder - fardier - fardoches - farfadet définition faré -. définition de farfadet, farfadets : dictionnaire, étymologie, phonétique, citations littéraires, synonymes et antonymes de « farfadet » abonnements connexion s' abonner dictionnaire conjugaison orthographe expressions proverbes littérature grammaire linguistique quiz dictées cours orthographe. farfadet on the french wikipedia. farfadet m ( plural farfadets) elf, leprechaun ( or similar small demon) synonym: lutin; further reading “ farfadet”, in trésor de la langue française informatisé [ digitized treasury of the french language],.

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